solar Led light products

Solar 7W -14W  LED Based Intelligent Street Light
System Requirement
1) 12V  Battery SMF 18Ah for 7W Light
2) 12V  Battery SMF 26Ah for 14W Light
3) Solar Panel 30W
4) Pole (MS / SS)
5) Battery Holder
6) Panel Stand
Solar 21W – 42W LED Based Intelligent Street Light
1) 12V Solar System
2) Auto Dusk to Down
3) Inbuilt Battery Charger
4) Over Charge / Deep Discharge Protection
5) Dimming Option Available (With RTC or Fixed Time Dimming)
6) Battery Charging Indicator
7) Battery Low Indicator
8) Remote controlled ON-DIM-OFF operation.
9) Battery Size & Solar Panel Size depend on Autonomy & Features
10) Easy to Install 
11) IP65